Saturday, August 27, 2011

wife and boy friend

  • mmmmm starting to explore her hot body
  1. not so shy wifes boy friend is warming up to her nicely

wife and boy friend

my hot wife knows how to get him going
mmmmm he was starting to warm up to her charms
and she was really warming up to him
keeping her leg between his
they start to touch all over
watching this had my cock soo hard...i could hear my hotwife moaning while she was kissing with him

boy friend takes my hot wife to bed

 my wife finally gets him to lay back a little
 i had let him know that she does not
 i think she is getting him over his nervous
  • ooooo she does know how to get a man going
  •  mike and my wife....just got to the of  favorite parts....watching them waiting for it to start
 they were both a little nervous.....but i knew it would not be long now
she puts his hand on his let him know it is she kicks off his shoes.......he was very nervous

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tried to surprise me

well at least my wife did try and surprise me for my birthday...sat first she said we were not going to met mike until tommrow...then we were texting each other during the day ...she said she was going to dress up for me .....short skirt...hose hot top...we could go out for a few drinks.....i knew she was up to something.....i should have let it be a surprise....but she is bad at keeping secrets....we are meeting mike in a couple of hrs.....he says he is nervous....i keep trying to tell him to relax and just go with the wife is a little nervous to but a few beers and she will be good to i hope everything works out for all of us....and i hope to have a ton of new pics for my flickr account and for my blog

Thursday, August 25, 2011

we met mike

well we went out last night and met mike....seemed really down to earth....not pushy .....but very interested in what we are looking for...said he had done this before....we sat around and talked for a couple of hours...supposed to meet him this coming friday for hopefully some hot sex.....well maybe i will get my birthday present after all

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

going to meet a new guy

well in a couple of hours we are going to meet a new far he sounds wife is nervous but she always is.....he said he is nervous ..well i am just excited....hope they like each other....we shall see